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      After  fifteen years of seeking increasing perfection and constantly innovation ,jinzen develop into a company which has more than 30,000 kinds of sewing machine products , can provide customers with high-quality and well known brand both at  home and abroad to  this day. JinZen group make gread efforts to enhance the sewing accessories (made in china) for the mission,on the purpose of brand adroad,expand overseas markets and achieve globalized brand ,gain a number of patents and the honorary over several years.It reflect the sprit of JinZen group who indomitable struggle and hard-working.
       The logos of JinZen combine with the first-writing alphabet letter "J","Z".The outside shape depicts the outline of the earth,it contains all peoples on five continents live together in harmony:with the green background,means"environmental protection,vitality and harmony",Generally speaking JinZen set up a bridge towards to the world t hen make a communication,cooperation and trade for each other .but also contains JinZen linked the friends together tightiy!

       JinZen concept: work hard for make consummate machine, make effectiveness to creating beauty!